What Is Mobile App Marketing?

Like most online/digital marketing, App marketing is an exciting and interesting topic.

Mobile App Marketing allows you to express your business in so many different ways

Once you have designed your App and got everything working how you want it to be working, it's time to get some downloads. Building an App is only half the process, your next step is to advertise it to all your customers, followers, fans and prospects. Here is how the Konnect team suggests you get started with your App marketing.

The great think about Mobile Marketing, is that there is no proven avenue or strategy. We have put together a comprehensive list of all the different possible App marketing channels (Online and Offline) and how you can leverage them to boost your App success!


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The Benefits of Active App Marketing

Why do I need to put together a comprehensive App Marketing Plan?

There's endless reasons why Mobile App marketing is right for you!! Firstly, why would you invest so much time, energy and resources into creating your App, only for you not to maximise results? Like most things in business, you can't just create a system and expect to see over night success. That is why an App Marketing Plan is crucial!

1. Tell Your People & Connect

Your new Mobile App is your gateway to your customers and people who might one day become your customers. Your Mobile App allows you to connect with people in a whole new way! By implementing an App Marketing plan, you can get your information to SO many more people in a faster timeframe!! It's simple...with an App marketing plan, you will see so many more results!

2. Get a measurable R.O.I.

So many business decisions are based on R.O.I and results. Other forms of 'old' media, can't provide you with live results on what your invest is achieving for you. Mobile Apps provide you with awesome analytics which allowing you to view exactly what returns you are generating from your marketing plan!

If you need to start on your business marketing Get Our: Tools to become an Expert On Small Business Marketing -- it's free.


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Welcome to the Konnect Applications App Marketing Video Series. Take a look at what's to come! 


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Getting Started

How to get started with App promotion! Getting started with your App promotion made easy!


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How It All Works?

How do I market my app and keep users coming back? Here are our top two secrets! 





Founded in Palmerston North, New Zealand, Konnect has the ambition to offer EVERY business a Mobile App solution. No matter your business size or budget, we will create an App which will focus on maximising and achieving your business goals.


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